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Acrylic Colour sheets

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Colour, Opal, Frosted Acrylic Sheets
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Colour Acrylic Sheets (colours may vary from the images below)...

Colour Acrylic Sheets (colours may vary from the images below)

Listed is a range of our standard primary colours, we have many more styles available including frosted colours, fluorescents, LED, patterned and many more. If you require a price on a certain sheet please contact us.

Poly(methyl methacrylate) PMMA is more commonly know in the trade as Perspex, Plexiglas, Altuglas and more.

A popular addition to any home, can be used for kitchen splashbacks, wall cladding and many other applications.

Coloured acrylic is created in a high gloss finish.

Opal acrylic is generally used as a light diffusing material, popular in the sign making and lighting industry.

Fire rating: BS476 Part 7: Class 3.

Installation: It is important to make allowances for thermal movement

Machining and Fabrication: Suitable for laser cutting, sawing, drilling, routing, forming, polishing, thermoforming and cementing

Coloured Acrylic FAQ's

Q; What is the difference between acrylic & Perspex®?

A; Acrylic is the actual product and Perspex® is a brand name.

Q; Can you use colour acrylic as splash backs?

A; Yes, acrylic sheets are widely used for splash backs as long as they are not situated directly behind a cooker or hob.

Q; How do you clean acrylic sheets?

A; You can use soapy water or a specific acrylic cleaner such as Vuplex. Don't use glass cleaners as the chemicals damage acrylic.

Q; How do you cut acrylic?

A; Acrylic cuts best with a fine tooth blade, so a jigsaw should work fine. Support the panel and use a low speed setting.

Q; How do you bond acrylic to another substrate?

A; We'd advise using silicone or similar that will allow for thermal movement.


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