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Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Product Code:
Mirror 2440x1220mm
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Mirror Acrylic Sheet

A vacuum-plated acrylic sheet with a highly reflective mirror finish.

Large range of colours including see thru surveillance mirror. (the above images don't give a true image of the real sheets)

Very lightweight, half the weight of glass, shatterproof and can be cut to your required size.

Acrylic mirror can be formed, fabricated and laser etched.

Also available as concave and convex mirror domes, ideal for observing blind spots in shops, driveway junctions and more.

These acrylic mirror sheets are best screwed and hung if going against a wall.

We'd recommend using oversized drill holes to allow for thermal movement and don't over tighten the screws.

We wouldn't recommed using any adhesives to bond the acrylic sheets to another surface as this can cause the mirrors to distort.


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