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Domes Hemispheres

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Acrylic Domes (Hemispheres) ...

Acrylic Domes (Hemispheres)

Delivery can take up to 10 working days at busy times.

We are one of the leading UK plastic dome producers.

We can mould hemispheres up to 1850mm in diameter.

All domes are made to half the height of the diameter, but can be produced lower upon request.

The domes are produced with a standard 20mm flange up to 600mmØ and 40mm over this size, this can be increased/decreased or removed upon request.                                                         

Acrylic domes can be used in many applications from playgrounds, safari parks, surveillance cameras, underwater devices and more.                

We can create the domes in a wide variety of colours and tints.

Listed is a range of our standard sized domes, but we can produce any bespoke size, height or thickness.

Standard thicknesses of domes as follows

Up to 500mmØ 3mm

Up to 1200mmØ 5mm

Over 1200mmØ 6 or 8mm

If you require a certain dimension that’s not listed, please call for a quote.

Acrylic Dome FAQ's

Q; Are acrylic domes ok for outdoors?

A; Yes, our acrylic is UV stabilised and suitable for external use.

Q; What is the flange?

A; the flange is a small lip that runs around the base of the dome allowing it to be fixed down.

Q; Can you make domes higher than a hemisphere such as a bell jar?

A; Yes we can, but this requires a different process to create them.

Q; Why can't you make domes bigger than 1850mm diameter?

A; We are only restricted because they don't produce the sheets any bigger.

Q; Can you make mirror domes for blind spots?

A; Yes, we have a selection of off the shelf mirror domes.

Q; Do you make domes in other plastic materials?

A; Yes we create domes in clear PETG, limited on size .

Q; What is the thickest acrylic you can make domes in?

A; We can blow mould upto 25mm thick acrylic, and press mould thicker material.

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