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Acrylic Rods

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Acrylic Rods
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Clear Acrylic Rod. ...

Clear Acrylic Rod.

Acrylic rods are stocked in 2000mm lengths..

We ship the rods in two 1000mm lengths unless requested differently.

Acrylic rods can be used in a wide range of applications and can be modified easily.

Very tough and shatterproof, ideal for fabrication work.

An ideal alternative to using glass rod.

We can also form acrylic rod to very intricate shapes.

FAQ's regarding acrylic rods.

Q; How do you cut acrylic rod?

A; A fine tooth blade with a jigsaw or hacksaw will be fine.

Q; What is the largest diameter rod you have?

A; From stock we have up to 200mmØ rods, larger rods can be ordered.

Q; Do you sell coloured acrylic rods?

A; Yes we do sell colour rods but we have to order these in especially.

Q; Can acrylic rod be used outside?

A; Yes acrylic is perfect for external use.

Q; Can acrylic rod be thermoformed?

A; Yes, we have moulded acrylic rod on a number of projects.

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